Cardiac surgery before birth: Marlenes difficult start into a normal life 

In the past 8 years doctors from the Children’s Heart Center Linz at Kepler University Hospital saved the life of 12 unborn children with heart defects by performing very complex and difficult procedures on the fetal heart inside the womb. Marelene was one of them.

Michaela Badr did not think one second that her babies heart might not be normal. Her first son Franz was 3 years old and healthy. He never had any health problems. December 2019 his sibling was on her way. Only 4 more month before he could hug his new sister.

It was already dark, when Michaela and her husband Raymond from a small village of Langenlois came to the General Hospital of Vienna. Nothing special, just a routine check to rule out congenital anomalies.

Marlene succeeded to start into her life


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